Schnorbus Helmhold Wardemann  


Jürgen Helmhold
Certified Public Accountant, Tax Advisor

Phone: 02131/9242-15
Fax: 02131/9242-11

Education and professional qualification:

  • Master of Business Administration (1990)
  • Tax Advisor (1994)
  • Certified Public Accountant (1997)

Career development:

  • From 08/1990 to 09/1999: employee of the devision: “Serving Medium Sized Companies” with ARTHUR ANDERSEN in Duesseldorf, services particularly for internationally operating companies
  • 1995: appointment as manager with ARTHUR ANDERSEN
  • From 10/1999 to 04/2000: Manager in a medium sized audit and tax service company in Cologne
  • 05/2000: Foundation of the partnership "Schnorbus & Helmhold", Neuss
  • 01/2006: Foundation of the partnership "Schnorbus Helmhold Wardemann", Neuss

Professional experience:

  • Services for medium-sized companies with international activities, in particular within the ranges of payroll and bookkeeping services, finance and accounting as well as tax services
  • Preparation of legal audits required by law and voluntary audits of industry-, trading- and service- companies of all legal forms
  • Business consulting
  • Consulting regarding the optimizing and the reorganization of the business and private taxes
  • Analyses of companies as well as calculation of the value of a company “as a whole”


  • German and English
Schnorbus Helmhold Wardemann • Kanalstr. 2 • 41460 Neuss
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